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Friday, August 2, 2019

IMPORTANT: You Have Got To Know Your Parents!

IMPORTANT: You Have Got To Know Your Parents!
Children are generally close to their mothers! Biologically, this is explained through the maternal bond, which has its foundation on the umbilical connection in the womb. Fathers are generally viewed as non-loving; non-concerned. But is this really true?

IMPORTANT: You Have Got To Know Your Parents!

Go through the points raised below to get some insight into the behavioural patterns of mothers and fathers!

One who loves till her eyes close, is a MOTHER.
One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a FATHER.

Mother: Introduces you to the world.
Father: Introduces the world to you.

Mother: Gives you life.
Father: Gives you living.

Mother: Makes sure you are not starving.
Father: Makes sure you know the value of starving

Mother: Personifies care.
Father: Personifies responsibility.

Mother: Protects you from a fall
Father: Teaches you to get up from a fall.

Mother: Teaches you walking.
Father: Teaches you walk of life

Mother: Teaches from her own experiences.
Father: Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.

Mother:  Reflects Ideology
Father:  Reflects Reality

Mother's love is known to you since birth.
Father's love is known when you become a Father.

Mother loves from Heart.
Father loves from Brain.

May God help us to love our fathers and mothers!

Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze

IMPORTANT: You Have Got To Know Your Parents!

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