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Your Greatest Disappointment; Your Most Powerful Miracle

It is natural for everyone to go through a series of ups and downs in life. As long as you are still living in this natural habitat calle...

It is natural for everyone to go through a series of ups and downs in life.

As long as you are still living in this natural habitat called the earth; you will encounter many disappointments along the journey of life. Even Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour; never promised smooth transitions in this earthly life. John 16:33 – “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”. If the Son of Man couldn’t promise us beds of roses; who are we to expect a life free of hurts?

Tapiwa Zuze

However, even though such is the reality of life; sometimes God has packaged your greatest moment of miracle and triumph to be preceded by your greatest moment of hurt and disappointment. And God has demonstrated that principle countless times throughout the history of mankind.

In Genesis 22; Abraham was facing the greatest hurt of his life: being asked by God to go and sacrifice his only son of promise; Isaac. God had promised him a superb inheritance as a ‘father of many nations’ (Genesis 17:4, 6). Specifically so, God had covenanted with him for a son of inheritance with Sarah (Genesis 17:16); who is the same Isaac whom he was now being told to sacrifice by God. How on earth could God do that? Was he now breaking his covenant with Abraham; doing a reversal of his candid promises? The answer is NO!

God knows; and God is always in control! Abraham trusted God during that hurtful and testing moment, “concluding that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead, from which he also received him in a figurative sense” – Hebrews 11:9. Abraham’s greatest moment of potential hurt and disappointment became his greatest moment of triumph and permanent historical recognition! Through his ultimate demonstration of his truth in the Almighty God, he became ‘the father of faith’ – Romans 4:16. We know him by that name-tag even until today. God even raised him to become the patriarch of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Tapiwa Zuze

We see the same situation again falling into the path of Martha and Mary, sisters to Lazarus. Jesus had presumably delayed to see his sick friend Lazarus, and Lazarus died four before Jesus came to see him (John 11:17). And this was a bleak moment for the two sisters; losing their dear brother who possibly was the ultimate breadwinner of the entire family. This was indeed a moment of hurt and disappointment. But, reading a few verses down that chapter, Jesus commanded Lazarus to ‘come out’ of the grave; and he did rose forth back into the world of the living (John 11:43-44). To the two sisters; when they were facing a bleak future ahead, it became their moment for the greatest miracle of their lives! This is what God can do sometimes.

Tapiwa Zuze

Even in our current generations; some of the most successful people of our time were once thrown out of their offices of comfort, jailed for cooked-up crimes, ridiculed by society and their families, refused paternity by their fathers and grew up as bastards, survived hostilities from their guardians, survived suicide attempts, escaped with mortal wounds in genocides and mass massacres, ditched by their spouses after some marry-go-round circles, miraculously survived mortal diseases after being condemned to death by specialist doctors, ditched by their truant husbands after being accused of failing to conceive, came out of long comas after undergoing life-threatening surgeries, and so son. But, by the grace of God; their moments of hurt, disappointment and shame was changed to become their greatest moments of triumph and miracles. We serve a living God who knows us far better than ourselves.

I pray and declare today that your moment of hurt be turned into a moment of destiny! God has the potential to do it any day, any time! Believe and it will come to pass for you and your family.

Tapiwa Zuze -

Tapiwa Zuze