Success Or Failure Is Under Your Control

A number of times people tend to squarely lay the full blame for failure on things that they don’t control. They point to their biological make-up, the family they grew up in, the country they were born in, the politicians who have ruled their country, the natural disasters that have occurred in their land, and many others. However, they forget to look at the things that they control themselves. They will never admit, especially publicly, that their failures are directly associated with their poor decision making. They will never tell you that “I lost my job because I had a wrong attitude”; or “I am poor because I wasted my money on booze and girls!” That’s people for you.

Success Or Failure Is Under Your Control

In this article, we want to take a look at the things that we all control in our lives; that, if we do them well, we can easily achieve great success in our lives.   

Things You Can Control In Your Life:
1. Your beliefs
2. Your attitude
3. Your thoughts
4. Your perspective
5. How honest you are
6. Who your friends are
7. What books you read
8. How often you exercise
9. The type of food you eat
10. How may risks you take
11. How you interpret situations
12. How kind you are to others
13. How kind you are to yourself
14. How often you say “I Love You”
15. How often you say “Thank You”
16. How you express your feelings

Success Or Failure Is Under Your Control

17. Whether or not you ask for help
18. How often you practice gratitude
19. How many times you smile today
20. The amount of effort you put forth
21. How you spend/invest your money
22. How much time you spend worrying
23. How often you think about your past
24. Whether or not you judge other people
25. Whether or not you try again after your set-back
26. How much you appreciate the things that you have

Therefore, as much as we have many things that contribute towards our success or failure; quite a significant chuck of those things are directly under our control! Therefore, do the best to make your life the best that you want. 

Tapiwa Zuze

Success Or Failure Is Under Your Control

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