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Spirit of Leadership – Two Key Attributes of Successful Leaders

Every leader that you come across in this world was once a follower.  They were born as ordinary children, got raised by their parents ...

Every leader that you come across in this world was once a follower. 

They were born as ordinary children, got raised by their parents or guardians; and became independent at some stage in their lives. As they went on their normal routines, one day they just woke up and made a life-changing decision to be different. From that day on, the world has admired them and viewed them from a different angle. You take a look at people like Thomas Alva Edison, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Dwight Eisenhower, Pele, Bishop TD Jakes, Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright, Bishop Tudor and Chichi Bismark, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Apostle Pride Sibiya, Teddy Afro and Kirsty Coventry. What made them to be different from you is the adoption of the true spirit of leadership.

There are many characteristics that define true leaders; and their impact differs from one person to another, from one place to another, and from one generation to another. While some can grow to become national leaders, others transcend their borders to become continental and global leaders. Others like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jnr, can outgrow their earthly lifespan to become trans-generational leaders! True leadership requires a lot of harnessing for it to leave footprints for others to follow.

In this article; we are going to be looking at two of the most important attributes that true and successful leaders carry in their DNA. If you want to be one such leader, brace up for the impact!

1. Leaders See Things Differently:
This is one of the most important attributes of true leadership: to see things from a different angle. A leader must be able to bring new thinking, new dimensions and new emphasis into his followers. Take for example the biblical story of Joshua and Caleb. When Moses sent the twelve spies to assess the land of Canaan; the majority of the guys (ten of them) saw the obvious; the Canaanites had huge frames and well developed in their defence mechanisms. And as the ten guys explained their story to Moses, it was clear they had seen the obvious, hence they had already been defeated in their mindsets even before the physical battle that lay ahead.

However, Joshua and Caleb decided to see things from a different perspective. They overlooked all the obvious negative stuff about their assignment, and made a decision to concentrate on the positive! And because of their different approach, the two guys were the only ones from the original Israelites that came from Egypt who went on to step onto the Promised Land (Canaan)! That was not by coincidence. They made a decision to see things differently, and impressed both God and Moses their leader!

2. Impactful Personality:
True leadership is harnessed through impacting and influencing your followers. It is not possible for one to become a true and successful leader when you are operating at the same level with your followers. There has to be genuine reasons why people should follow you. For example; how do you talk, eat and dress? How do you persevere if the going gets tough? How do you sacrifice for the mandate to be accomplished? How tolerant and accommodative are you to your followers? All these are key attributes that are assessed before people make a decision to follow and stick with you. You have got to be a person of real impact for you to be taken as a serious leader.

May God make you a true and successful leader!

Tapiwa Zuze