Reasons Your Spouse/Fiancé Does Not Enjoy Talking To You


Reasons Your Spouse/Fiancé Does Not Enjoy Talking To You
For people in marriage or courtship, there are times when their relationship might go through some challenges. During those moments there are few interactions, as there will be more of accusations and counter-accusations. It is not a healthy situation, but inevitable. But, such situations must not prolong much. If they do, it means one or both partners could be having challenges somehow. Below we take a look at some of the reasons why your spouse/partner does not enjoy talking to you:
Reasons Your Spouse/Fiancé Does Not Enjoy Talking To You

1. You Over React:
If you keep blowing things out of proportion, your partner will be wondering how they can approach you for a healthy discussion.

2. You Don’t Initiate Conversations:
Conversations need to be initiated from both ends. You can’t have one person initiating discussions all the time. He or she will one day tire up and also keep quiet.

3. You Keep Talking About Your Ex:
It is boring for a man to talk with a woman that one loves and she keeps bringing her ex in the conversations, especially praising him as if she is still stuck in the past. This is really ridiculous to your partner.

4. You Gossip A Lot:
Your spouse will tell you less information once he or she realises that you will end up sharing sensitive stuff with other friends and relatives.

5. You Judge Your Partner:
One of the greatest tragedies on relationships is the strain that comes through vilifying your partner. Once your partner realises that you view them in less esteem, they tend to share less information with you.

6. You Are A One Issue Person:
If you are fixated on one issue which you keep complaining about, your partner will get bored. Learn to be diverse in your conversations and complain less in your conversations.

Reasons Your Spouse/Fiancé Does Not Enjoy Talking To You

7. You Are Over Emotional:
It is healthy to be emotional but when you become over emotional and over sensitive, your partner will struggle to tell you things fearing you cannot handle them.

8. You Are Argumentative:
If you turn a simple conversation into a nasty confrontation, your partner will resort to talk less in order to keep at peace with you.

9. You Don’t Listen:
If you are the kind of a person who always wants to be heard and you rarely take time to hear your partner out; then your partner will not enjoy talking to you. If it is all about you and you alone, then you will end up receiving less information from your partner. And in cases where you are conversing to each other, your partner ends up tolerating you instead of enjoying the discussion with you.

10. You Have Walls:
If you keep pushing your partner away due to your fears, trust issues, or stereotyping; then they will end up not understanding you despite how well he or she treats you. They will simply get tired of you.

11. You Are Possessive:
If you are all up in your partner’s space, choking their comfort, driven with paranoia, micromanaging him or her because you fear of losing them to potential takers out there; it will simply hurt them that you don’t trust them. You are robbing them of their peace, and they have no option that to keep quiet in your presence.

12. You Over Think:
If you are the kind of person who over analyses issues to the point that no decision actually gets made; or when a decision is made you live in constant fear that it might go wrong. This might make your partner consider what they can tell you and what they shouldn’t.

Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze

Reasons Your Spouse/Fiancé Does Not Enjoy Talking To You

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