MUST READ: Six Important Life Lessons Taught By A Pencil (Part 1 of 2)


A pencil is used mostly during the early years of a child’s learning phase.

This is a fairly lengthy period which runs through the kindergarten stage into the first two to three years of primary education. Later on, the children will use the pencil for art and drawing diagram. Apart from schooling needs, a pencil has many other industrial and commercial uses. For instance, in the civil engineering field, it is used for drawing plans and other applicable diagrams. In short, a pencil is a very vital component of people’s lives.

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In its make and uses, the pencil provides us with six very important life lessons. Let’s explore them deeper in this two-part series.

1. Everything you touch will always leave a mark:
The pencil writes down letters and draws diagrams. Every time it is pointed on a paper, it leaves a mark! It doesn’t matter if it is broken or it has been kept in a dirty pocket. When called upon, it still performs it tasks without any reservations. It is self-motivated and self-focused.

As human beings, we ought to learn from the pencil. Regardless of our environments, circumstances or situations; let us be focused to deliver on our primary mandates in life. You could be a singer, barber, farmer, teacher, pastor or driver; always make it a point to perform your task regardless of what surrounds you.

2. The mistakes you make can always be corrected:

When a pencil is being used, sometimes it does not follow the given patterns and specifications well. Even children they sometimes put wrong answers on paper with their pencils. However, the beauty about pencils is that they move with a rubber at their top end. The rubber is meant to erase all bad marks so that the writer can then put the correct marks or answers. With a pencil, there is an opportunity to correct any wrong that one would have done in their initial writings.

As human beings, we ought to learn from the pencil. No matter how much mistakes one makes, God is always ready to correct them and have you start on a better and fresh foundation. In Isaiah 1:18; God promises us that: “‘Come now, and let us reason together’, says the Lord. ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool’”.

Tapiwa Zuze

3. Your most important asset is what is inside you:
A pencil comes in different sizes, colours and shapes; but the pointer at the middle is the most important component of its make. It doesn’t matter if it becomes dirty on its outside layer, or becomes scratched by other objects. As long as its middle part there, it will always deliver its intended purposes.

As human beings, we ought to learn from the pencil. Regardless of the scars that we carry, as proof of either our yesteryear delinquencies or testimonies of the battles we have survived; we should always guard our internal drives and abilities. We carry so much potential right from the time of birth. The same potential energy must always keep us ready to go and deliver much more. Never give up on your life for anything. As long as you can still breathe under the sun, fight your way up and be counted among the legends. Dominion and influence are your portions!

The article continues in Part 2.

Be a PENCIL and allow GOD to be the HAND that guides you throughout all your life!

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