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Beauty versus Character | Understanding the two Key Life Attributes

Beauty on its own has sent a lot of girls quickly into marriages, accompanied with reverberative glitz and glamour. Multitudes have been ...

Beauty on its own has sent a lot of girls quickly into marriages, accompanied with reverberative glitz and glamour.

Tapiwa Zuze

Multitudes have been left in wonder and utmost appreciation. Woooow, what a beautiful bride; and an electric wedding. Indeed, this is the dream way to send your daughter into the hands of her husband. But within a short space of time, the girl is sent packing back to her father’s compound because of a weird character! Her home represents a war-zone; a royal rumble cage. She can dissect her husband with unprintable words, scolding from head to toe; leaving nothing to imagination. While we may all agree she was born a gem beauty in her natural stature; but the same cannot be said about her character!

This problem has bedevilled many people over the centuries, and it is prevalent to both men and women. People believe so much in their natural stature to carry their day anywhere, anytime and in any platform. They believe so much in their biological outlook such they do not think of anything else that can sustain their marriages or relationships. But is that really the case in life? Can handsomeness and beauty really carry a relationship for decades? While it is true that most relationships are founded upon the beauty, glitz and glamour of the parties involved; they however evolve over time for their sustenance. What ultimately sustains them are the behaviours and characteristics of the people involved. Beauty fades with time, but character can only get better.

Tapiwa Zuze

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; beauty and handsomeness will never replace the demand for good character. The presence of bad character slowly drives away the passion of people towards you, and you will just wake up without any followers and admirers. Do not be rough to people; do not be a liar; do not deceive your spouse or followers with artificial promises; do not be a person who bursts with anger all the time. All these negative stuff will kill the appetite of your spouse, fiancé, followers, family members and colleagues.

Be a morally upright person and retain your dignity. Failure to do so will lead you into a wilderness of loneliness regardless of your attractive outlook.

May God help us in our endeavours.

Tapiwa Zuze -

Tapiwa Zuze