Women In Leadership: Balancing Work And Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

A woman who goes to work can wake up before sunrise and prepare children for school, prepare the husband for work and upon coming back from work they make sure the family is fed and everything is in order before they take to sleep. These are virtues of character and no wonder when they go to work they also tend to outperform men who are at the same level with them.

Continued from Part 1:

Women In Leadership: Balancing Work And Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

The same order they put around the house is the same order they transmute and apply into business and leadership. This has found many women rise to influential positions around the globe across various disciplines.

However, these abilities that women have exhibited in the corporate world and politics have also imparted an ego into most women such that they are experiencing problems that have paralysed their relationships with men and society is casting a negative conjuration at the successful women.

To a greater extent it’s true that most women neglect their relationships when they get elevated at work. Instead of having a mother around the house, we now have a manager or chief executive officer bossing around the house.

The reason why most women in business and leadership are looked at with contempt is because most women who are at the top have neglected their fundamental roles within their homes and in relationships.

Unlike men, women have a tendency of enforcing their authority wherever they are regardless of limits of their jurisdiction. When a wife can bring home more bacon and bread than the husband then they lose respect for the man of the house. Men were created as providers for the family and the moment these roles are switched off or swapped then the order of things is thrown off and the relationship is out of sync.

Men feel it when they are not esteemed within the house as providers even though they might not blubber about it; but in one way or the other their affection for the woman is reduced and they will act like they are dealing with another man. When that happens, the woman will feel as if the man’s ego has blocked her way to happiness and the next thing will be divorce. That is why most women who are in leadership positions either in business, religious circles or politics have suffocating marriages.

Women in business and leadership are real women who can also be like our everyday housewives but the demands of leadership do not allow them to put up with traditional chores and tasks. This does not strip their womanhood off. The problem only comes when they cease to treat men with the respect they deserve. Men hate to be undermined and any threat to their confidence is quickly highlighted as an intimidation.

Women In Leadership: Balancing Work And Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

Therefore, most women who are in leadership positions have failed to maintain a healthy marital life because it seems as if their success has overtaken their need for masculine figures in their lives.

Men, as protectors and providers tend to be useless when the woman flaunts enough security and provision that her money provides. This is an error that should be corrected. No matter how high you climb the ladder, always remember to remain a woman to your husband. Show him you need his provision and protection regardless of your abilities to do so by yourself.

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