Women In Leadership: Balancing Work And Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

As we introduce areas of life which are surrounded by issues; this area of women in business and leadership is one of the hottest topics that we are going to be dealing with. There are a lot of things that are said to women when they assume leadership positions or when they are running a successful enterprise.

Women In Leadership: Balancing Work And Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

Men tend to use misogyny and alienate them from the bracket of ‘real women’. Women in business and leadership are often looked at with a stained view and they appear to be a symbol of disgrace instead of glory. Is it because that they do not pay attention to the traditional chores and roles stipulated to them by society? Even if they wanted to; time and their busy schedules won’t allow them.

Does this then strip them of their real value as women? Is society then not supposed to celebrate them for being unique and exhibiting stronger virtues which are naturally attributed to masculinity?

The role of women in the patriarchal society was that of a helper to her husband. She had to be there for her husband helping with things that the husband could not do by themselves, things like cooking, washing clothes, ironing, carrying pregnancy and looking after children etc.

These roles became the measurement by which a girl child is trained into womanhood. They need to do well in these chores so that they get acceptance in society to fit within the bracket of real women or housewives.

In the 21st century, the economic tides have seen the roles shifting and women have extended their help to cover even areas of provision for the family. This means that women have widened their view on life and have spread their imaginations further beyond being mere helpers within the house but leaders outside the house, leaders in industry and politics. Women have developed their intellectual stamina over the years and can now assume the helms of big organisations, like banks, hospitals and even lead countries as heads of states.

The way women are being raised these days has contributed immensely on the success of many women. There has been a lot of encouragement from mothers, aunties, grandmas and female teachers and mentors to educate and equip the girl child for the world. Many have worked hard and are independent women who have climbed up the ranks in the corporate world and several others have grabbed top jobs from men.

Women are naturally a strong species altogether. When the bible refers to them as weaker vessels (1 Peter 3 v 7); it does not refer to them as being lazy or possessing a weaker intellect and ability, but it refers to their emotional make up because they are easily broken down emotionally. Women tend to be led by emotions most of the times than men.

This weakness also has its own pros and cons but today let’s focus on plus factors. When it comes to intellectual abilities and diligence it has been proven to us that women are also even more capable of executing similar tasks that were traditionally attributed to men. We have women who are flying planes, women who are leading engineers, top bankers and well versed in mining acumen.

Women In Leadership: Balancing Work And Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

 Women have exhibited a certain level of order in the business arena that is astounding.

That is why you find most top managers and directors prefer a woman to be their secretary or aide because women have this orderly touch and diligence to whatever they do. They are strong in managing a lot of tasks simultaneously and accomplishing them in one goal.

The article continues in Part 2.

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