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Purpose and Function: Let’s Embrace Our Uniqueness

One of the greatest tragedies to befall mankind is the practice of “copying”. Over the centuries, human beings have developed a serious c...

One of the greatest tragedies to befall mankind is the practice of “copying”.

Over the centuries, human beings have developed a serious copying syndrome on almost anything that is done on earth! Be it on gifts, accent, dress codes, country policies, hairstyles, even appearances and skin colour. Some have gone on further extreme, even to mutilate their gender organs. The world is in a mess because of the copying syndrome.

Tapiwa Zuze

But, is there any harm in being unique in your own way? In there any harm in living just the way God created you?

Let’s Take A Look At This Example:
Vaseline and Coca-Cola are both distinguished trademarks that have stood the test of time. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly for applying on one's body after bathing, particularly so for body and heat preservation in cold weather. Coca-Cola is a soft drink (fizzy) meant to quench thirst, particularly so in hot weather. These are two great products that we have witnessed for generations.

The manufactures of these two products designed their packaging (bottles) to serve special purposes for easy of the product users. The Vaseline bottle has got a wider opening to allow fingers to tap onto the jelly and apply the same on the skin. The same goes for the Coca-Cola bottle designed with a small opening to match the mouth and lips that are meant to sip from it. Imagine if petroleum jelly was being packaged in a bottle of Coca-Cola? How were people going to access it? Again, imagine if Coke was being packaged in a bottle like that of Vaseline, which has got a wider opening? Would it fit well on people’s mouths? Think about this!!

Tapiwa Zuze

Likewise, God did the same when he created human beings:

2 Timothy 2:20 - "But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and earthenware, and some for honourable and noble use, and some for menial and ignoble use". We were designed for different assignments and purposes in life. While it's important to take note and get inspired by other people's works, it's much more important to understand that God made all of us in different ways, for different assignments, at different times and with different resources. You are important the way God designed you, and I'm also important the way God designed me. Let’s embrace our uniqueness, and appreciate the wisdom God applied to design us that way. Don’t be tempted to change the colour of your skin or mutilate your gender design. You are just good enough that way!!

Stay blessed.

Tapiwa Zuze - 

Tapiwa Zuze