Loving And Appreciating Our Fathers

Fathers are wonderful people, too little to understand 

And we do not sing their praises, as often as we should 
Loving And Appreciating Our Fathers

But fathers are just wonderful, in a million different ways 

And they merit loving complements, and accolade of praise 

For the only reason dad aspires, to fortune and success 

Is to make the family proud of him 

And to bring them happiness 

And like our Heavenly Father, he is a family guardian and a guide 

Someone that we can count on, to be always on our side 

Unfortunately most children tend to misinterpret their fathers 

In so many ways in life 

And let mi try to illustrate how most children 

Fail to understand their fathers’ intentions 

4 years : My dad can do anything! 

7 years : My dad knows a lot…a whole lot. 

8 years : My dad does not quite know everything. 

12 years : Oh well, naturally my dad does not know that either. 

14 years : Oh dad? He is hopelessly old fashioned. 

21 years : Oh than man is out of date! 

25 years : He knows a little bit about it, but not much. 

30 years : I must find out what my dad thinks about it. 

35 years : Before we decide, we will get dad’s idea first. 

50 years : What would dad have thought about it? 

60 years : My dad knew literally everything. 

65 years : I wish I could have talked it over with my dad, once more. 

Loving And Appreciating Our Fathers

So you see how most children realise it very late in life 

That contrary to their beliefs 

Their fathers actually meant them good in life 

There in very memory, see his love and care 

Strength and hands to count on, freely he does share 

He toils so faithfully to make our dreams come true 

He gives tender discipline, so that we become acceptable people in community 

A father is God’s appointed leader of the family 

And point it to God’s will for life of love and harmony 

To those who are fortunate to have their fathers alive today 

Please love and appreciate them 

If you have a mother playing both roles, she deserves our appreciation 

For she is actually a father in your life as well 

If you are an orphan and have guardians, they are your fathers in life 

Let us not forget our spiritual fathers, for they are our fathers in life 

I thank you all! 

Loving And Appreciating Our Fathers


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