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EVERY LEADER BEWARE: Exciting People vs Impacting Lives

My father Bishop Pride Sibiya (, at a Sacraments and Liturgy Leadership Seminar of Glory Ministries (

My father Bishop Pride Sibiya (, at a Sacraments and Liturgy Leadership Seminar of Glory Ministries (, took a length time to explain the dynamics involved between ‘impressing/exciting people’ and ‘building/impacting lives’.

"You impress at a distance but you can only impact closely", he said.

Tapiwa Zuze

Ladies and Gentlemen; great servants of the Most High God, it is important for you to understand that stewardship and shepherding of God's people goes beyond the pulpit ministry. When you come to church and preach powerfully, cast out devils, speaking in tongues, prophesying with great accuracy and precision; all that is very exciting to people. The congregants will go crazy and shout “go papa go”.

However, that forms just about 10% of ministry and its full spectrum. The greatest impact you can have on people is to visit the sick, stand with them when they are arrested, go and bury their relatives, provide them with food when they are admitted in hospitals or locked up in jails, going to their houses and sit down on that small stool, eat in their houses that plate of sadza and derere (okra), pay them a visit when everyone deserts them, hold their dirty children in your hands. When you begin to stand and live close by your sheep, the bond becomes so strong, and in most cases you can actually see them shedding tears in your presence. That's impacting people.

Tapiwa Zuze

Jesus Christ stayed with people. He spent his entire ministry living closely and intertwined with his disciples. And because of that, he didn't leave behind a bunch of followers, but instead he produced and moulded apostles who went on to do even greater things than their master! Up until today we talk about the earthly life of Jesus Christ as if it happened a week ago! The reason is simple: he left an indelible mark through impacting lives.

Servants of God, lets stand with our people close and impact their lives. This is the only for us to impact lives. That’s my humble submission.

Written by Tapiwa Zuze

Tapiwa Zuze