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Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 2 of 2)

If you cannot learn you are crippled in the most important area of your life. Think differently if you want to do things differently and ac...

If you cannot learn you are crippled in the most important area of your life. Think differently if you want to do things differently and achieve different results. Learning is more than just getting a certificate, attending school or college. When you have a deep hunger to learn you will always find ways and means to learn. Learning is your primary navigation tool through life. It is lifelong and ongoing. Learning is like breathing, it can only start but never stops unless you are dead.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 2 of 2)

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When you stop learning you stop leading and moving forward. Learn more in order to do more and be more. Unless you can learn, change becomes difficult and your actions become even more absurd.

Be open to learn and learn all the time, by all means available. Formal learning gives you access to structured learning programmes and competent teachers. Sign-up for a course, a class or a webinar.

Attend meetings, workshops and conferences. Take classes in your area of interest. The key is to be intentional and deliberate. Keep building your knowledge base and investing in yourself. Consider some self-study areas as well. Find an area of interest or focus and look out for everything you can find in that area.

Make it your passion and seek to master that area. Do not be content with just surface insights and rumours. Sink your teeth deep. You will be amazed that if you invest just an hour everyday towards mastering a subject within 18 months a lot of people will be asking you to teach them what you know.

Also consider informal ways through which you can learn. It is not just the certificates that should matter to you. Consider reading widely in your areas of passion and interest. Treat with suspicion people that do not read and discourage reading. Visit less people that have big TVs and no personal libraries of books, you may catch their bad reading habits.

Seek out people that can coach or mentor you. Be willing to invest in your own learning and you will many times have to go out of your way to learn. At times you will have to pay for coaching sessions.

Whatever you invest in learning is always paid back to you in generous multiples. Join learning associations, communities and clubs. Learning does not need to be an agony. It is and can be fun and fulfilling. You can also learn through games and sport. Just keep an open and learning mind and exercise it regularly.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 2 of 2)

People are a great learning resource. Take an interest in people. Observe, copy and model those who are producing results in an area that you want to master. Look at how they do what they do. You learn a lot through observation.

Do not fear great people, get close to them and learn from them. Lot out more for people whose success intimidates you. Learn the habits of great people and how they structure their time and work.

Great people have cultivated great habits and honed certain ways of doing, thinking and acting. If you do what great people do, you will also become great. Find experts to teach you. Some experts have mastered some hacks and easy ways to do things that you may be struggling with. Do not be afraid to confess that you do not know.

However, do not end there; do something to transform your position and power yourself to new levels. Sometimes you have to travel in order to meet people who know what you do not know. This is part of what makes learning exciting.

Speak to the elders, they have seen things that you may not have seen. They may have heard and participated in things that you can never guess. Stand at attention in the presence of elders and do not despise people with grey hair. Old people are mobile libraries, with stories and wisdom that will enthral you and anecdotes that will never leave you.

Speak to children and listen intently to their musings. They have dreams, hopes and perspectives that will illuminate your world. They know things that you may never know and they can do things that you can never do. Stop struggling with simple things and ask children to help you. They are things that children master so easily and you wonder how. Children are a valuable source of learning and insights.

When you travel, speak to strangers and you will learn something you never knew. Speak to locals, they will share insights that you could have never gleaned. Do not let language barriers discourage you. Learn other people’s languages and you will learn their world view. Each language has its wealth, wisdom and attitudes embedded in it.

When you attend a conference or meeting, do not just speak to the people from your organisation and those that you know. Find new people, they will connect you to new learning opportunities and teach you something you could have never known. Ask questions and listen. Be interested in other people and they will be interested in your learning.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 2 of 2)

Accredited to Milton Kamwendo
Writing for The Sunday Mail Business

Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze