Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 1 of 2)

If you cannot learn you are crippled in the most important area of your life. Think differently if you want to do things differently and achieve different results. Learning is more than just getting a certificate, attending school or college. When you have a deep hunger to learn you will always find ways and means to learn.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 1 of 2)

Learning is your primary navigation tool through life. It is lifelong and ongoing. Learning is like breathing, it can only start but never stops unless you are dead.

When you stop learning you stop leading and moving forward. Learn more in order to do more and be more. Unless you can learn, change becomes difficult and your actions become even more absurd.

You may have met people that are bitter with their parents because they did not take them to school or provide the learning opportunities they thought they deserved. You may have heard this type of murmur from 40, 50 and 60-year-olds or much younger people.

Learning is your personal responsibility. It is not just about the school you attended or failed to attend or the books that were given to you.

Learning is an attitude and posture that you maintain to help you shoot for greatness. Be alert to learn and learning opportunities will look for you and find you.

The opportunities to learn are abundant and everywhere; just looking for willing minds and open hearts. The world is a giant library filled to the brim with learning opportunities for hungry and willing minds.

Do not talk too much, learn so much through listening. Do not let the past missed opportunities for learning be a prison for your dreams. If your parents did not send you to school, send yourself to school or expose yourself to vital learning experiences.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 1 of 2)

Break through every learning barrier on your way in order to learn and keep learning. If you do not have money to purchase books, borrow some. A little good relations will help you access the books and resources you need. If you do not have time, try audio learning. You can now take courses that are delivered as audio content.

Turn your car from just being a mere vehicle into a learning university and laboratory. Every time you are burning fuel, burn some insights into your mind. If enrolling for a course is expensive try online learning experience.

Websites are teeming with insights, if you are willing to just invest time. Take online courses. You can now even earn degrees this way from reputable universities. Check out YouTube Videos and TedTalks in your arena of interest. If you do not have internet access (even if you do) find people that know what you do not know. Ask them questions, serve them and do errands for them. Earn your learning time! You will be amazed what you learn working with and for people who are more competent and talented.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 1 of 2)

Seek out mentors and coaches. If you do not have friends or relatives that can teach you do not despair. Join communities that have a bias for learning and are passionate about what you want to learn. Have clear learning goals and these will be a torch that will guide your learning attention. There are clubs that cater for many interests.

You will never find them if you are not looking for them. You could also seek our WhatsApp, Facebook and other groups that share vital information in your areas of interest. Learn daily and keep learning. Break every learning barrier that stands in your way and be a learning activist.

Commitment To Attain Your Greatness: Key Fundamentals (Part 1 of 2)

 Watch out for Part 2 of the article.

Accredited to Milton Kamwendo

Writing for The Sunday Mail Business

Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze


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