BRIEF NOTES: How To Be A Good Husband


Being a good and responsible husband is a doable but herculean task. There are things that will stretch you beyond the imaginable. Regardless of the atmosphere; you still have to love and support your wife through and through. 

Here are some of the key tips to make you a good husband:

Step 1: Help your wife with the chore!
There are a lot of things to do around the house from cooking, cleaning, laundry, washing dishes, paying bills, replace the trash bag and take the trash out, grocery shopping, etc.

Put everything back in the right place will help as well.

Step 2: Never lie to your wife who are you spending time with after work!
Eventually your wife will get a sense when you lie about something and it just not worth it to have a little fun and ruin your relationship with your wife.

Step 3: Respect her!
Show your respect to her. No matter who are around you, never ever disrespect her at front of other people or treat her different at front of certain people. Especially at front of other girl! She will think you like that girl better than her or worse cheat behind her back.

BRIEF NOTES: How To Be A Good Husband

Step 4: Help take care of the little ones!
It is a hard work around the house when you have baby or small child. Most of the time new mom doesn’t get enough sleep and it seem work at home never end. Help change your child diaper often, bath, feed her, play with her, get her ready to bed, and really help a lot.

Step 5: Remember important day!
Anniversary, birthday, valentine day, mother day should be a very important day to remember. Buy cards for all of those celebrations, roses for valentine, take her to special place or restaurant to celebrate anniversary day and birthday. Give her a break on mother day (buy her spa gift certificate for this special day would be very nice).

Step 6: Show that you love her!
It is very important to say and show that you love her. Tell her how you feel about her. Thanks her for her hardwork around the house and for taking a good care of the child.

Step 7:
Show your passion to her!

Give her a nice message at night and spend time together. Communicate and talk about your family future or next family vacation.
Adopted and edited by Tapiwa Zuze

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