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Twenty-Five Ways To "Ride A Dead Horse" In Churches

Generally, there are many variations of “How To Ride A Dead Horse" have appeared online, with different contexts. However, this modifi...

Generally, there are many variations of “How To Ride A Dead Horse" have appeared online, with different contexts. However, this modified version is meant for churches worldwide; particulary aiming at their relectance to adopt changes for varied reasons. Resultantly, the majority of church institutions are so much behind modern trends because of this syndrome. 

Twenty-Five Ways To "Ride A Dead Horse" In Churches

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians; passed on from generation to generation; says that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount, leaving it there for its final resting place. Nevertheless, churches have "found a new range of strategies to use in riding the dead horse" such as: 

1. Buying a stronger spiritual whip. 
2. Changing deacons and elders who will ride it. 
3. Boldly declaring that “God told us to ride this horse”. 
4. Appointing an excutive committee to study the horse and its performance. 
5. Threatening the horse with discipline if it doesn't perform. 
6. Proclaiming bodly that “This is the only way we’ve rode this horse”. 
7. Develop a rigorous training session for the horse and its riders. 
8. Reminding ourselves that other churches are riding the same type of horse the same way. 
9. Publicly rebuke the elders and deacons who ride the horse. 
10. Lowering set standards to accomdate dead horses. 
11. Reclassifying the horse as “living impaired”. 
12. Hiring an outside church consultant to advise on how to a dead horse. 
13. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed and performance. 
14. Declaring boldy that “This horse is not dead, but alive!” 
15. Do fundarising to fund the training sessions of the dead horse. 
16. Riding the dead horse “outside the norm”. 
17. Get the horse an iphone and open an email address for it. 
18. Killing all the other horses in church so that all horse are now at par. 
19. Justifying that the dead horse is "less costly to maintain". 
20. Haveit stay for one week at the senior pastor's residence. 
21. Promoting the dead horse to a head of department status. 
22. Take the dead horse through counselling sessions.
23. Riding the dead horse “smarter, not harder”. 
24. Declaring that God "just created it that way". 
25. Remembering all the good times you had while riding that horse. 

The Point Is:
Churches are so much reluctant to do away with old systems that are obsolete. They would rather try to manage their status quo than move to a better hemisphere altogether. And in defence of their position, many biblical and spiritual superlatives are used! Anyone who tries to bring modification and change to the status quo is mostly frustrated along the processes; being accused of trying to kill "our church which we have build over all these years". That's the shame of many churches the world over. 

Let us be vigilant, and learn to move with times and laws. Failure to appreciate that becomes a serious headache and heartache to the church in the long-run.