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CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD: Twelve Life Lessons From My Spiritual Mother – Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya

Cassie Hilt, a contributor on the Huff Post Blog, defines Motherhood as “looking into your child's eyes and seeing nothing but love”.  ...

Cassie Hilt, a contributor on the Huff Post Blog, defines Motherhood as “looking into your child's eyes and seeing nothing but love”. 

CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD: Twelve Life Lessons From My Spiritual Mother – Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya
When I came to Glory Ministries (; I was at the lowest point of my earthly adult life, with all the wheels of balance threatening to rip-off an otherwise promising future. I came straight into the hands of Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya ( and Mother General (Pastor) Anna Tendayi Sibiya. The first herculean task for these servants of God was to convince me to regain my regain my full confidence, self-esteem and trust in the Lord. They invited me and my wife Regina Tatenda Zuze (God bless her) to their homestead then; No. 14418 Zengeza 3 Extension, Chitungwiza. This was in June 2013; and the meeting took five hours (18:00 – 23:00 hours). This day, I will always remember. It changed so many facets about my life and destiny. 

Mother General, as Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya is affectionately known in Glory Ministries’ circles (and even beyond); has wielded possibly the greatest influence in shaping and correcting my “internal fragile person”. This fragility dates back to my troubled childhood life; which ironically resonates with her own upbringing: A life of pioneering; a life of building family foundations; a life of marking footprints for successive generations to follow. It is a life that is very painful; and given a choice one cannot choose that path. 

“I can see that sometimes when you are standing in front of people, that old person of yours; where you grew up under tough environments and circumstances; shows up without you even knowing it”, she jokingly narrated to me when we were doing a review meeting of the Business Service on March 10, 2019. Woooow, is that so mom?? We have gone far further is discussions with my spiritual mother (more so when we do Mother-Son talk in private). She normally corrects me citing her own personal past mistakes in life. “I failed ABC in life, because I had not dealt well with my XYZ past. However, I have since done MNO to correct the XYZ past anomalies”, such are her reference points when she is correcting me. With my spiritual mother we have dealt directly, indirectly, jointly and partially on many assignments and facets over the years. We have done so both in her capacity as my spiritual mother and my assembly pastor.

CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD: Twelve Life Lessons From My Spiritual Mother – Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya

Having leaned much on her chest over the years for spiritual motherly comfort, I have come to learn of so many things from her. And in this birthday-celebratory article, I have picked twelve of my top most life lessons that I have learnt through her exemplary life. They could be different from anybody’s depending on their relationship and proximity of access. But to me and my family, we can testify of these life-changing lessons. 

1. Love of the Common People: When I got closer to Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya, I was just an ordinary person in the society. And over the years, I have seen her embrace “common people” in the society, treating them with utmost importance and relevance. This has made her an integral member of the “common people”. It’s very hard to pick Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya in the crowds. One of the stand-out images in my mind happened on 24 February 2019; when Glory Ministries (Bethel District) was celebrating its seventeenth anniversary through donating to Mawunganidze Children’s Home in Chitungwiza. My standout moment was when Mother General stood up holding a young baby girl named Ebenezer in her hands. This child’s infancy is littered with tears of pains of rejection and abandonment. “After hearing her story, I just fell in love with Ebenezer”, narrates Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. This is a story for another day. On that day, the Mawunganidze family got the chance to experience first-hand motherly from Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. 

2. Submission and Protocol Observance: To many people, the wife of a Bishop is “untouchable”. She is the resemblance of superior authority, whose words are unidirectional commandments and should not be questioned under whatsoever circumstances. But, alas to say, that is not the case with Mother General. Firstly, she submits fully to God and her husband with great honour and humility; Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya. Secondly, she submits to the protocol of the church and community; observing all rules and regulations as required. It is not in her to blood to abuse her position, power, status and proximity. Whatever is required as per the church and community precepts, she observes just like anyone else. I have attended many community events with her; funerals and memorial services included. She can lower her status to meet any situational requirements of that time. 

3. Tolerance: It is common for Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya to overtly correct mistakes, especially intentional ones. Many people have fallen victim to her chastisement, especially those who practice public delinquency. However, within her, I have found a huge heart for tolerance. She has the ability to differentiate ignorance from public delinquency. She has taken much more time in helping people behind the scenes than in public forums. Her heart for tolerance is closely intertwined with her childhood upbringing. “I have come to know that all things, good or bad; God allows them for the good of my life”, she normally says. “I talk to and embrace people who have fought me in different ways. I tolerate all of them”.

CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD: Twelve Life Lessons From My Spiritual Mother – Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya

4. The Law of Cause and Effect: Mother General has taught me the importance of “Route Cause Analysis” in life. Many times, people focus on solving symptoms of a problem, not the problem itself. And this short-sightedness has led many into frustration, with some giving up on life thinking that their cases cannot be solved. Everything that happens in the physical today, is linked to the spiritual realm and the past which authored it. For instance, a mother who talks badly today could have been wired so through a troubled past of rejection; possibly where she grew up as an orphan, being thrown from one guardian to the other. Without understanding her past, which shaped her current behaviour, it becomes very difficult to assist that person. 

5. Separation of Business and Leisure: There are very few people in life who are effectively able to separate business and leisure. That timing separation is a huge missing link in many people’s lives. In practice, some people tend to be too business minded, thereby neglecting their families and health. Others tend to be too playful even at moments where seriousness is needed. I find my spiritual mother very much balanced in her separation of the two. When you visit her for leisure talk, you get entertainment. When you book her for a serious motherly attention, she does not have time to crack jokes. What an awesome balance. 

6. Research and Development: Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya is a shrewd businesswoman in her own right. She owns Life Moments (; a company which provides Events Management, Decor and Photography/Videography Services (+263773771447). “All the things that I do; I take time to watch related documentaries, and do internet research to improve my knowledge and understanding. Personally, I do not have time to watch soap operas. I invest in researching and developing myself”, says Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. This hit me strongly in life. For one to become an expert and authority in your field, massive investment in research and development is key. The higher the investment, the higher the returns. 

7. There Is History Behind Every Hero: Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya endured a very tough and frustrating upbringing. There were many natural and man-made factors that converged to cause such untold suffering in her early life. Up until this day, she still bears both physical and emotional scars of that horror childhood. The greatest take-way from all that, is that she has since moved past it. It has formed a solid foundation for her practical counselling sessions in which she helps people overcome their troubled past through love and forgiveness. Indeed, behind every genuine hero and heroine, there is a past that contributed to shape their hero-status.

CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD: Twelve Life Lessons From My Spiritual Mother – Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya

8. Prevention Is Better Than Cure: This teaching is mostly prevalent to couples meetings. “Let every spouse satisfy their marriage partner. Give them what they want. Leave no room for satan to tempt any of you”, laments Mother General. She is very fond and cognisant of the importance of the marriage institution. Together with Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya (; the two have counselled and saved many marriages that were on the brink of collapse. Their advocacy is for couples to manage all evil appearances and temptations, because prevention is better than cure. 

9. Negotiables and Non-Negotiables of Life: Every progressive human being should have a set of negotiables and non-negotiables factors of life. Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya has taught me this principle; that for every situation where a decision needs to be made, these factors should be considered. For instance, when one is choosing a life partner. What are the negotiables and non-negotiables associated with marriage and relationships? Can you comprise on spiritual beliefs? Can you compromise on one’s choice of clothes? Can you compromise on your professional pursuit? All these questions must be clearly categorised and answered, so that one makes informed decisions. Such categorisation also helps one not to “major on minor things”

10. Manage Your Character: “You can succeed in hiding your character for some time, but not for long”, said Mother General during one recent Business Service at Bethel Worship Centre of Glory Ministries ( “Eventually it will come out because that’s who you are”. She has strongly encouraged people to work on their characters while they are still at lower levels of authority and recognition. This is because if one continues in that mode, their inherent weaknesses will one day manifest when they are highly respected public figures. The collateral damage associated with high level failures is catastrophic to say the least. Let us work on our characters today so that we can safeguard our tomorrow. 

11. Diligence for Multi-Tasking: For all the years that I have worked closely to Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya, I have observed that she is a great manager who is well conversant with multi-tasking. She is the wife of a Bishop, mother of three biological daughters, pastor in her own right, mother to many spiritual sons and daughters, marriage counsellor, cooks for her family, director of Life Moments (her company), conference speaker, student who is busy developing her educational profile and many other tasks that come with her position and societal standing. While sometimes she gets so much tired, her resolve to multi-tasking is clearly evident in her everyday schedule. Most importantly, she is good in that. 

12. Dealing With The Past: This is possibly one of the greatest admirations that I have for my spiritual mother: effectively dealing with her past. As alluded to earlier on in this article, Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya grew up under very difficult conditions; and she has physical and emotional scars as a testimony to that troubled childhood. However, she has managed to move on with life and create a legacy for future generations. “Please do not feel pity for me as I tell you these things. I am just telling you so that you know. There is nothing new to me about suffering”, she said in her recent Sunday Service sermon at Bethel Worship Centre of Glory Ministries ( Regardless of enduring a troubled childhood upbringing, Mother General is just but an inspiration to many people today.

CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD: Twelve Life Lessons From My Spiritual Mother – Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya

As I pen off this article, the CHRONICLES OF MOTHERHOOD is my Happy Birthday message to my spiritual mother; Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. As she has been a great blessing to me and my family; these life lessons can also change your life as we celebrate her birthday. I join my spiritual father; Bishop (Apostle) Pride Sibiya (, Glory Ministries ( and the rest of the world in wishing my spiritual mother a happy birthday. 

We love you so much, 

Tapiwa Zuze 
Administrator Extraordinary™

NB: All the quotes herein are paraphrased, based on the writer's personal recollections of the statements and messages by Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya. They are personally generated, and not meant for public official quoting.