The Law Of The Lid - Leaders Beware

When a pot is placed on the stove/fire, the water will reach very high temperatures and eventually begins to boil.

The boiling water will jump up and down trying to escape the pot, but as long as the lid is there it will not. The level of the lid determines the height of movement. The only way to allow flexibility on the movement of the boiling water is to lift the lid higher.

The same principle applies to leadership. "The lower an individual’s ability to lead, the lower the lid on his potential. The higher the individual’s ability to lead, the higher the lid on his potential", says Dr John Maxwell. 

It is very difficult to inspire your subordinates beyond your reach. If you check on them, they most likely perform to the same level where you reach. If you go home at 14:00 hours; your subordinates are likely to be doing the same regardless of the outstanding work to be done. If you are a church leader who gives coins in offerings, check your subordinates. If you don't pray at home, most likely all your children just go to sleep without praying. If you survive by stealing and armed robbery just check your children if they are not doing the same. The same goes for prostitutes, even though they usually want their children not to venture into their trade most often than not the children end up being prostitutes, copying their parents.

We have to be careful in life on how we lead and conduct ourselves, because whatever we do determine the level of performance of those who are below us. Be a good leader, who determines greater levels of performance in good things for all your followers.


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