The Children's Church - Principles of Execellence


Any progressive ministry must be prioritising the nurturing of children to guarantee its future and continuity. 

In Mark 10:15, Jesus Christ himself clearly demonstrates to us the value and importance of children. Every worker in the Lord’s Vineyard today started off as a child in their life! And this article list some of the key principles to guarantee service excellence in children’s church:

The Children's Church - Principles of Execellence

• Children must be taught to fear God
• Lead them like a church set-up, with special modifications to suit their age
• Think trans-generational in planning their activities
• More spiritual impact as they follow instruction
• They are leaders of both today and tomorrow
• Let them lead their intercession, ushering, praise etc
• Demarcate their classes based on their ages
• Build a play centre for them
• Teachers must be full of the Holy Spirit
• Make them watch/read Christian cartoons
• Produce monthly performance reports
• Engage a parent/guardian on child disciplinary issues
• Give them a reasonable punishment when they err
• Children must be laid hands on by their pastors
• Teach them to come with offerings and tithes
• Do not allow use of cellphones in class
• Have a detailed register for the children
• Bring the grown-ups for baptism
• Build strong relationships with children and their parents
• Do follow-ups on children
• Children can be used to win the whole family

Acknowledgement: Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya
(Founder, President and Presiding Bishop of Glory Ministries).
Bethel District Intensive Leadership Training. 4 March 2019.

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